Thermaltake Core V51 Watercooled

Would like to give you a short summary about my new PC build with the Thermaltake Core V51 case. I’ve used all my components from my previous Corsair Obsidian 800D build. The Obsidian looks very good and have a lot of space for all the components no doubt, but the case is a really heavy hitter! To move them around you will have to use twelve strongman and for sure one of this guys will breake his back while carrying this monster around!

Since I plan to use my pc while gaming with friends together (something like a mini lan-party) I decided to look out for a midi tower. First I bought the good looking Obsidian 450D, but there were no space to handle all this radiators and stuff from my 800D.

After a long while searching the web I’ve found the „Core“ series from Thermaltake. Once a long time ago (so around 8 years) I owned a Thermaltake Xaser. So long time ago the quality was also perfect. That was the point which indicates me to buy the Core V51 from Thermaltake.

And yes man, its really a beast! You would never say it can fit a 360, and two 240 rads together! You can also fit a 360 at the top and a 360 at the front and a 240 at the bottom. But then you will not have space for lets say a fan controller or a optical bay in the front.

The case is so well designed and „scalabe“ thats really amazing and I’ve never seen it before in a midi tower case. You have so much possibilities to attach fans, radiators and so on in such „small“ case. On every planned air intake you have dust filters installed. The inner cages for the bays are all removable. Also the designe is a neat well crafted one. Well done Thermaltake! The price is also very good statring at $109.- (amazon) or CHF 104.40 (pc-ostschweiz) from where I bought mine!

The one and ony this thats a bit of cheap quality is the side window. It’s huge and nice looking, really, but it’s so damn sensitive to scratches. Keep an eye on that while building your system together. I just placed a screwdriver on the panel. While taking the screwdriver again for work I made a scratch on it. No force, no nothing! Crap! I would be nice if I could reorder one, but there is no spare window for the C51 at the moment!


At the end I will show you my result from the build. Enjoy.

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