Astrotrac Laser Polar Alignment

Well, whats the worst thing on the astrotrac (AT) system? YES, for me it’s the rubbish original polar scope. In my oppinion it’s not the money worth. It’s really not so confortable to point on polaris with them. I was searching something easy to use for me. In my mind was always a laser to align the Astrotrac.

I have found a shop where I could order a laser made for astro claims. It is an green laser (class 3R) with 5mW. It’s called „Green Light Pro SX“ and I bought it by „Atelier Rieter GmbH“So, now I have a laser, but how to attach it to the AT? I have made some blueprints and sent them to my cousin Salkan Joldic. (Thank you mate again :) – Hvala Salcko ) He is a professional mechanic. It was a easy job for him to drill me then the holder for the laser.

Here I have some pictures from the result:

And here I have some images from the development:

And at the end, there should be a permanent power while aligning. And this I solved with a ring:

It will fit over the power button of the laser, if you turn it left or right, it will press them and the laser is on. Simple, nice-looking and good. At the first field tests the alignment worked well and I have set them in a few minutes perfect. I will hardly test them and hopefully I can make some nice images.

Always a clear sky!

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