A handy Pi-hole block list collection

If you are looking for a Pi-Hole block list, which is complete, easy to use and sorted by categories, then hold on, I’ve found one for you!

Recently I was playing around with a Raspberry Pi and Pi-hole, to get rid of the annoying ADs served across the internet. Installation and configuration went super smooth. To get started check out this very well written setup guide: https://blog.cryptoaustralia.org.au. If you like a bit more in depth information, visit this guide: https://www.smarthomebeginner.com

The standard block lists which came together with Pi-hole are also very good. Nevertheless I was looking for several other block lists across the forums and lost quickly the overview about all available lists.

Those guys made a very good job in arranging the block lists, based on categories and on top they provide you the lists in a super readable overview.

Check it out, and enjoy a hassle free collection of the really required block lists.

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